Thursday, September 29, 2011

Flower Wreath Shadow Box

So, today is my friend's birthday and I wanted to make her something "crafty" for her present.  Years ago,  Martha Stewart's Kids Magazine showed how to make simple felt flowers.  These are really simple to make.  So, courtesy of the Winter/Spring 2003 issue, this is how you make them.  (I tried looking for a link online, but couldn't find it, so I had to take a picture directly from the magazine.)

1. Cut 5 small felt petals as shown.
2. Sew a running stitch through the bottom edge of each petal.
3. Tie the thread ends in a half-knot and pull tight, bringing the petals together and tie again to knot.
4. Sew a small button in the center of the flower!

I thought the best way to present the flowers was in this small shadow box, again courtesy of Martha Stewart.  Unfortunately, I don't think these boxes are available anymore, but I think this could also work on a small frame, just take out the glass.

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