Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Silver Cups

I've always wanted to start a collection of silver trophies.  I always thought they would look fabulous on a fireplace mantel, clustered together.  However, whenever I found one on ebay or in a flea market, they were super, super expensive. 

So, I decided to scale down my collecting ambitions and started to collect little silver cups, say not more than 4 inches high.  I love these little cups because they're the perfect size for small flower arrangements and they don't take up hardly any room.  Ok, so my collection is only limited to 3 of these cups, but I'm kind of particular to which ones I like and also I refuse to pay no more than $5.

I bought this little cup at the Marche aux Puces de la Porte de Vanves in Paris.  This flea market was fantastic, but because of the exchange rate, it really limited me to what I could buy.  Fortunately, this little treasure was really cheap.  I did some research and think this is a christening cup.  I love that it says, "Jean-Michel", it's tres Francais!

 This cup silver cup has a wonderful dog design on it.  I bought this one at the Alameda Flea Market in the SF Bay Area.  It was really tarnished and black, so I guess that's why the vendor sold it really cheap.  I really lucked out because when I cleaned it, the really cute design of dogs and geese came through.  I tried to do some research on this cup, but so far haven't found any information on it. 
detail on cup

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