Friday, September 16, 2011

My First Post - The Paris Shadow Box

It's mid-September and I find myself with a little bit of time on my hands.  Everyone needs a little creative outlet and I want to use this blog to feature some of my various creations and interests.  I'm planning to write about crafts, cooking and other things that interest me, but I guess I'll figure that out along the way.

My Paris Shadow Box

My family and I went to Paris in April 2010, and it's taken me this long to put this little box together.  I was inspired by a shadow box I found on the Martha Stewart website - Martha Stewart Shadow Box .  So, when we got to Paris, I started collecting small things that I thought that would work out nicely.  Little did I know that these things would be sitting in a bag on the floor of my closet for over a year!

I bought the shadow box on sale at Michaels a long time ago and it measures 11" x 9".  The things inside the box are the little pieces of ephemera and other things I gathered in Paris (ticket stubs, business cards, coins, small key chains, etc.).  I'm pretty happy with my final product.


  1. This is one of the nicest shadow boxes I've seen. So impressive. I've had a box of similar items for a trip my sister and I took back in the 90's...I keep bringing it with me every move. Hope that makes you feel better!

  2. What a pretty blog you've just started Arlene. Lots of cute ideas. I like it a lot.